Sponsorship Opportunities

Thank you for considering supporting AHS!

Below you will find information on our sponsorship opportunities and events for the coming year. If you are interested in learning more about how to partner with us please reach out to AHS Executive Director, Michelle Winters at 703.859.0452 or contact us via email

Partners in Affordable Housing are our most dedicated supporters and are recognized in all AHS programs and events for the year. All Partners in Affordable Housing are invited to special AHS sponsor-only events and are also eligible to schedule customized policy briefings on topics of interest throughout the year. Learn more about this year’s programs and events below.

We also offer individual sponsorships for specific events and programs, including Arlington For Everyone, Community Roundtables, the Leckey Forum, and the Ellen M. Bozman Affordable Housing Awards. Learn more about this year’s programs and events below.

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2019 Programs & Events

AHS runs this public education and outreach campaign to broaden the base of knowledge in the community about the role of housing policies in helping to create and maintain a diverse and inclusive Arlington. AHS staff and volunteers attend public events such as home shows, fairs and farmers markets, to distribute materials to increase the visibility of the issue. The Arlington For Everyone blog features stories of the people who make Arlington unique and invites readers to lend their support for affordable housing.

The Leckey Forum presents research, best practices, and fresh ideas for promoting and fostering affordable housing development in Arlington and the region, and has become a well-respected and anticipated forum for local government staff and elected officials, affordable housing advocates, residential designers and developers, and interested citizens. This year’s forum is tentatively scheduled for June 2019, and will focus Planning for Equity and Affordability.

AHS established the Ellen M. Bozman Award in 2009 to honor the late Ellen M. Bozman, one of the founders of AHS and a long-time community activist and elected official in Arlington. The award recognizes an individual or organization that has provided significant leadership and innovation in supporting affordable housing in Arlington or Northern Virginia. This event is highly regarded as a must-attend by public officials, corporate leaders and housing advocates alike. The 2019 Ellen M. Bozman Affordable Housing Award Celebration will be held on Sunday, November 17, 2019. Subscribe to our events to make sure you receive updates as we plan for this event.

In 2018, AHS introduced a new approach to community outreach that allowed us to reach new audiences in a more intimate setting of 15-25 people. These smaller gatherings focus on specific housing topics and allow participants to learn and give input on related policy issues. Previous roundtables focused on middle income homeownership opportunities and faith communities.

AHS held its first Housing Happy Hour in February 2019 with over 50 attendees interested in learning more about housing issues in Arlington and socializing with other concerned residents and stakeholders. This model provides an opportunity for more informal public education and outreach that we plan to continue in the future.

AHS is a 501(c)3 and receives no local governmental support. We depend fully on grants, general contributions, and sponsorships for special programs to meet our financial needs. Your support at any level helps make possible our work to increase the supply of affordable housing in Arlington.