County Board Candidates Provide Answers on Housing Priorities

AHS has a tradition of asking candidates running for the Arlington County Board to answer a set of questions related to affordable housing. This year, four candidates are running for the Democratic nomination for County Board to fill the seat being vacated by County Board Chair Jay Fisette. These candidates are Vivek Patil, Erik Gutshall, Kim Klingler, and Peter Fallon. These four candidates will compete in a "firehouse primary" caucus being held on May 9th, 11th and 13th, and the winner will face off against candidates from other parties in November. We post candidate answers in full on our website and publicize them through local media and social media channels. Because we do not support individual political candidates, AHS does not evaluate or rate these responses. The questions provided to this year’s four candidates for the Democratic County Board nomination are:

1.       Arlington adopted an Affordable Housing Master Plan in 2015. Which of the policies outlined in the plan do you think are the most important to focus on in the near term, and why?

2.       What specifically can the County Board do to help move these policies forward?

3.       What kinds of other new ideas or innovative approaches could the County pursue to improve housing affordability in our area?

Each candidate’s responses to these questions are provided in this document, 2017 AHS Housing Questionnaire - County Board Democratic Candidates. For more information on the candidates or the election please see their websites or